Warm Home Discount 2017/18

Many, but not all, suppliers offer the Warm Home Discount. It is £140 off your electricity bill in the winter, if you qualify.

There is a Core Group and a Broader Group. The Core Group is the same across all suppliers who offer it and applies to people receiving the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit. The Broader Group varies but is usually for people on a low income who may need extra help. You need to contact your supplier to find out if you qualify and to make an application.

We expect the following suppliers to offer Warm Home Discount this year:

Bristol EnergyM&S Energy
British GasNpower
Cooperative EnergyOVO
EbicoSainsbury’s Energy
Economy EnergyScottish Power
EDF EnergySouthern Electric
E.on EnergySSE
Extra EnergyUtilita
First UtilityUtility Warehouse
Flow Energy

If your supplier is not on this list, check with them to be sure as new suppliers start offering it each year.

Apply early as suppliers have limited funds.

If you change supplier, check that the new supplier also offers Warm Home Discount and, if you haven’t already received it, ask if you need to make a new application.

Where to get help

Contact the energy team

Your supplier
Warm Home Discount Helpline 0345 603 9439
Citizens Advice Reading 0118 952 3022

Check online:
Your supplier’s website
Warm Home Discount Scheme