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Open courses September – December 2019

You can find details of the course content in our downloadable Course brochure 2019 v2. Please see our Course fees and then if you would like to book a place, see How to book / get in touch.

9 SeptIntroduction to benefits (10am to 4pm)
17 SeptIntroduction to sickness and disability benefits
(10am to 1pm)
17 SeptEffective form filling: ESA and PIP (1.30pm to 4.30pm)
23 SeptIntroduction to universal credit (10am to 1pm)
15 OctBenefits for older people (10am to 1pm)
25 OctHousing rights and homelessness (10am to 4pm)
8 NovIntroduction to benefits (10am to 4pm)
12 NovIntroduction to benefits appeals and tribunals
(10am to 1pm)
22 NovIntroduction to universal credit (10am to 1pm)
25 NovHandling difficult client situations (10am to 1pm)
10 DecBenefits and coming to the UK (10am to 1pm)

If the course you are looking for is not in the current programme or you can’t make the course date, do email us at training.services@citizensadvicereading.org to discuss other options. If the subject area you are interested in is not scheduled, have a look at the Full list of courses tab. If you would like to book one of these for a group of delegates please see the tab on Tailored / In house courses.

Tailored / In house courses

In addition to the open Course programme we also offer tailored courses to suit your organisation and to suit your staff. If you have a group of staff you would like to train we can run these courses at your location or in our training facility.

Our courses are planned and discussed with you to ensure they meet your requirements. We rarely run exactly the same course twice.

You can choose a course we already offer in our open Course programme or you can choose elements from our Full list of courses, tailored to your specific requirements. To find out more see How to book / get in touch.

Examples of tailored courses we have run:
  • A one day course giving an overview of benefits in the morning and then covering universal credit in more detail in the afternoon.
  • A two hour session at a team meeting on the changes to the state retirement pension.
  • Five all day sessions preparing volunteers to provide information and signposting at a drop in centre, covering a mix of soft skills (e.g. interviewing clients and using websites) as well as providing an overview of benefits and housing.

Full list of courses

We run these courses at various times throughout the year, or elements of them can be put together to create a course to suit your own requirements. Please see our Course brochure 2019 v2 for details of course content.

Training for frontline workers

Welfare benefits

Introduction to benefits
Introduction to universal credit
Introduction to sickness and disability benefits
Effective form filling: ESA and PIP
Benefits and coming to UK
Introduction to benefit appeals and tribunals
Benefits for older people


Helping clients to manage money
Small money claims in the county court


Housing rights and homelessness

Frontline skills

Handling difficult client situations

Management skills

Managing staff

Managing volunteers
Managing staff - an essential guide to employment law


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