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Campaigning for change

All local Citizens Advice offices send anonymous evidence forms to national Citizens Advice detailing issues affecting our clients. Based on this objective evidence we work for change both locally and nationally not just for our clients but for the whole community.


Research and Campaigns Report 2020/21

Each year, the Citizens Advice network of 266 local services, helps give millions of people the knowledge and confidence to find a way forward in an increasingly complex world.

We do this by firstly providing practical advice, education and support for individual clients.

Secondly, we use the evidence gained from working with clients to influence the policies and practices that affect them and wider communities and this is known as Research & Campaigns. Research and Campaigns is therefore our twin aim as a national network and a local office.

Our annual Research and Campaigns report shows how we have supported the wider community. This year we have:

  1. Raised awareness nationally about specific issues in various advice areas including universal credit and utility bill
  2. Produced self-help videos and training modules so people can learn how to manage their gas and electricity bills and usage
  3. Supported various national campaigns including #SaveTheLifeline, Tenants Voice and Scams Awareness Fortnight
  4. Worked with the DWP to improve access to benefits for people receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments
  5. Worked with the local council to help proactively identify severely disabled people who may qualify for particular benefits

If you want to find out more the full report is here.

National Consumer Week 2021

Every year National Consumer Week raises awareness of issues consumers are having across the country, and the protections and resources available to help people when they need it.

In 2021, NCW ran from 6 – 12 December and focused on misleading environmental and energy efficiency claims, to make sure consumers can safely and confidently make green decisions.

Have a look at our leaflet for tips on how to be a confident eco-friendly consumer.


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