Solutions to Tackle Energy Poverty

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Solutions to Tackle Energy Poverty (STEP) is a project which will develop a simple, innovative and replicable model of measures to address fuel poverty.

The project involves some of the countries with the highest rates of fuel poverty in Europe. These are Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.

STEP’s overall aim is to reduce fuel poverty by encouraging people who are in or at risk of fuel poverty to make low-cost, energy efficient changes by providing trusted advice tailored to their needs.

There are 3 specific goals:

  • To get consumer groups and frontline organisations, who advise people on a range of issues, such as financial or health-related problems, to partner and deliver advice to fuel poor consumers.
  • To help fuel poor consumers across the 9 countries save energy and improve their living standards. We will advise people on more efficient energy consumption and how this can can help them save money and improve their health and well-being. We will carry out information campaigns, provide tips on how to save energy, demonstrate cost savings and help put in place low-cost energy efficiency measures.
  • To share best practices and policy choices that can reduce fuel poverty and encourage them to be copied in other EU countries.

To find out more about the project and to see details of the impact the project has, please sign up for our newsletter here.

What does this mean locally?

Citizens Advice Reading, in partnership with Citizens Advice Manchester, Citizens Advice Coventry and the national Citizens Advice energy team, are offering:

  • Face to face appointments to help people reduce the cost of their gas and electricity.
  • Workshops with consumer groups to help people understand how to cut the cost of their gas and electricity.
  • Training to frontline workers on how to give energy advice to their client groups.
  • Rapid referral routes into the energy advice team for frontline worker organisations that have fuel poor clients but are not in a position to offer energy advice.
  • Carrying out research on the impact of energy advice

If you would like to arrange an appointment, a workshop or a training event, or would simply like to find out more please email:

As part of the project we will ask for your consent to store some of your information to provide you with advice, and we will ask for your consent to be part of our research project. For more information about how we use your data please see the STEP Information sheet.

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