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National Minimum Wage

I recently applied for a job at a local pub which offered National Minimum Wage. I did a short interview and at the end the manager asked me for some documents and also how old I was. After telling her

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Price rises

I am a single parent, with two young children. I am already struggling to stay on top of my household bills; my weekly food shop isn’t stretching as far anymore and now my energy bill is going up too. I

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New job

I’ve just been offered a new job and now I need to tell my current employer. The new company wants me to start as soon as possible. The problem is, we’re already a bit short-staffed where I am now and

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Cost of living

I keep seeing on the news that the cost of living could be going up soon. It’s making me really worried, especially as I spent more on Christmas than I should have done. How can I get my spending habits

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