#EatFor20 challenge

The context

A recent study showed that nearly 1 in 4 people in the UK are currently living in poverty. The government recognised this in March 2020 when it brought in the £20 uplift to Universal Credit.

Without this, many people in Reading will live on £20 a week or less after bills and council tax. Citizens Advice is campaigning to keep the uplift.

#EatFor20 is a challenge set by Citizens Advice Reading and ReadiFood to help raise awareness of the difficulties faced by our friends and neighbours and to raise much needed funds for us to support them.

The challenge

It’s simple, really: to keep your grocery bill for one week to £20 per person.

The challenge week will start on Saturday 17 July at 00:01 and run until Friday 23 July at 23:59.

If you successfully complete the challenge without breaking any of the rules, you will receive a certificate which you can print at home or collect from us when we reopen. Don’t worry: we won’t be setting up cameras in your homes to check! We’ll take your word for it.

If you are willing, your name will also be listed on our website as one of the people who supported this campaign, with our thanks.

As Citizens Advice Reading and ReadiFood are both charities, we are asking people if they are willing to donate the difference in their weekly shop to the campaign. Participants are also encouraged to ask for sponsorship to take up the challenge.

If you are unable to take the challenge due to timing or other personal circumstances, please consider giving the difference in your weekly shop (or any amount of your choosing) to the campaign here.

So what next?

Find out:

How the challenge works

How to sign up and support us

#EatFor20 FAQs

The #EatFor20 newsletter

Subscribe to the #EatFor20 newsletter.

This will be sent out once a week in the run up to the challenge week in July and will contain details of the challenge, resources that you can use, some fundraising tips and tricks to hit your target.

During challenge week, there will be a daily email with tips, feedback from other participants and encouragement. We will send a final email a week or so after the challenge to let you know how the campaign performed and what you can do next.

You can unsubscribe at any time.

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