#EatFor20 FAQ

Can I eat freebies that I get?

You can eat or drink anything that was given to you freely, such as a free sample in a supermarket, freebies with a postal delivery etc as long as it has not been given to you by someone you know. It is against the rules for you to get free food from friends or family.

What if I have an event during the challenge week that I don’t want to miss, such as a birthday party?

We all have lives! You have two options in this case:

1) You take that day off and extend your challenge week by one day to make up for it.

2) You apply a £5 penalty for your event and stick to the set week but with a budget of £15 for the rest of the week.

If it’s a full-day event such as a wedding, we suggest you go for option 1!

What will the money I fundraise be used for?

ReadiFood have kindly offered for Citizens Advice Reading to receive all of the funds raised. The money you fundraise and any GiftAid or matched funding will go to Citizens Advice Reading. Citizens Advice Reading is an independent charity which has recently experienced difficult financial times. Your contribution will help the charity rebuild, expand its services and continue to help the people of Reading find the best way forward for their problems. You can read all about how we support the local community on our about us page.

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