Price rises

I am a single parent, with two young children. I am already struggling to stay on top of my household bills; my weekly food shop isn’t stretching as far anymore and now my energy bill is going up too. I don’t know how I’m going to afford all of these price rises. What can I do to stop my finances spiralling out of control?

First of all, you are not alone in this and there’s support to help you.

It’s always worth checking if there are benefits you don’t know about that you’re eligible for, including support with your energy costs and living costs. On the Citizens Advice website there’s information about benefits calculators, advice on how to reduce living costs and information on other ways to increase your income.

There’s also emergency support that you may have access to, such as food bank vouchers or fuel vouchers. Citizens Advice may be able to help with this. You could contact your local council to see if they could also offer support. The telephone number for Reading Borough Council is 0118 937 3787, and there is more information on their website. They also have a dedicated Money Matters page.

If you’re struggling to stay on top of bills, it’s really important to understand what money you have coming in and going out each month. Citizens Advice has a budgeting tool on its website that can help with this.

And if you’re already behind on bills, prioritise paying your rent or mortgage, plus energy bills and Council Tax first. Not paying these bills has the most serious consequences. You should speak to the person or company you owe money to, to see if they can help you repay your bills sustainably. Our Utilities for consumers pages can help you find some cheaper options.

We know that times are incredibly tough but please remember, you don’t have to face this alone, do contact your local Citizens Advice on 0808 278 7819 to help you find a way forward.


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