Utilities for consumers

Are you struggling to pay your utility bills? Recent research shows that more people are finding it harder to keep on top of essential bills such as gas, electricity, water and broadband. We have put together some information to help you find cheaper options.

Water bills

Thames Water offers support for people struggling to pay. To find out how to save money have a look at our Water page. However, if you would like some support, please contact Citizens Advice Reading.

Gas and electricity

  • Pay less – make sure you’re on the cheapest tariff for you
  • Use less – be as energy efficient in the home as possible
  • Claim what you’re entitled to – there are grants and benefits available to support people struggling with low income and high energy bills

Our Energy for consumers page offers you information on all of these areas or you can contact Citizens Advice Reading for support.

Broadband and mobile data

More and more of us need to have access to broadband and/or data at home, and at Citizens Advice we believe this is an essential like gas, electricity and water and not a luxury. Our Broadband and mobile data page can help you find ways to reduce the cost of your broadband and/or mobile data packages. If you need support you can contact Citizens Advice Reading.


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