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Here you will find lots of ways to save money on your gas and electricity bills, from switching supplier to sealing draughts, from claiming the Warm Home Discount to finding grants to install solid wall insulation. Fuel bills are expensive, but these tips can help make them more manageable.

Using less gas and electricity will save you money and these tips can also make you warmer and more comfortable

Save up to £400 by making small changes

Insulation and sealing draughts

About 25% of heat is lost through draughts around windows and doors. Reducing draughts will make it easier for your home to retain heat, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat your home. Also, less cold air around your ankles! By following these simple tips, some of which are completely free, all of which can be done by people with no expertise whatsoever, you could reduce your bills by £50 a year.


Being more energy efficient

Little changes to how you use your gas and electricity can make a big difference to your overall bills. For example, boiling a full kettle takes about 3 minutes, but if you only boil the amount you need it will boil quicker and therefore cost less. Have a look at these simple ideas for more ways to save.


Small investments can make big savings

LED light bulbs, radiator reflector foil, loft insulation will all cost you a few pounds, but you’ll see quick savings and the effects can last for years.


Grants, benefits, discounts and support available

It’s not all about what you can do at home. There is also support available for you if you are struggling to pay. There are a number of financial and non-financial supports available from your fuel suppliers, your local network operators and the government.

Warm Home Discount for those on pension credit, or for some people on a low income with an additional vulnerability

  • an annual discount of £140 from the larger suppliers

Winter Fuel Allowance for those of pension age

  • an annual discount of between £100 and £300

Cold Weather Payment for those on certain benefits

  • £25 towards fuel bills when the temperature averages 0C for 7 days

Energy Company Obligation for those on certain benefits

  • Installation of energy efficiency measures

Priority Services Register for those of pension age, with health conditions, young children, physical or sensory impairments, or another additional need

  • non-financial support that varies depending on need
  • also available for water companies

Please note the Green Home Grants has now closed to new applications.

Switching to the cheapest tariff for you

There are still large savings to be made by switching supplier, up to £150 (Dec 2020). Paying by monthly direct debit can save as much as £100 and moving your your bills online is both cheaper and opens you up to more options.

Our price comparison site will show you the cheapest tariffs available. Before switching make sure that the deal is right for you:

  • does it offer the Warm Home Discount?
  • is it online only or will you get paper bills?
  • does it offer smart meters?
  • is there a phone number to contact the supplier?
  • how will you pay, how much and how often?
  • is the price fixed or variable?

There’s a lot of things to consider, and our Switching Suppliers leaflet gives some pretty comprehensive information.

We are here to help. If you would like to speak to a specialist adviser about your options, please get in touch. We can help you switch, help you access the grants you may be entitled to and help you understand what changes would be most appropriate in your home.

You can contact us

If you would like to find out more about ways of saving money on gas and electricity, we are offering a free training course in energy savings online. Upon completion of the course you will get a certificate and an energy efficiency measure and you will have all the knowledge you need to save you lots of money. You can access this through our project website


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